About Us

We are a small tech agency, with a big human heart.

At Kyleap, customers are always in the front seat. We listen carefully to their needs and when necessary, suggest alternate solutions that may solve their problems at a potentially lower cost. Our main goal is to provide working solutions tht look good, at a fraction of what others would charge.

When not working directly with a customer, we may be found experimenting with new web technologies, game design, voice-assisted apps, or any other interesting platform that gets our attention.

Things We Can Do

We have a varied talent pool that can do a lot of different things. From websites and apps, to graphic design and social tools. Whether it's a big project or small project, we can help take your business to the next level.

  • Websites and Apps
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Pages
  • Copywriting
  • Consulting
  • Drink coffee!


Here are some of our latest projects. Some of these projects were done for customers, while others were created on our own initiative.

Cleveland Custom Tees

The main website for the folks at Cleveland Custom Tees. Since they're still preparing to take their business online, we built them a general purpose website instead of a full fledged store front.

Nueva Esperanza

The Nueva Esperanza organization needed a public website where they could provide information like who they are and what they do. They also needed a way to keep everyone abreast of their latest and upcoming efforts. Their website also provides an embedded radio station which users can listen to from their computers or mobile devices.

Stop 2 Love

As a car crash survivor, the founder of Stop2Love wanted a logo that would convey a clear message to the world's drivers. Love by driving carefully and stopping when needed.

Holiday Freak

A voice-assisted application developed with Amazon's Alexa Voice Service. It provides an easy way of knowing what holiday celebrations are taking place today.

Symbols Game

A little game developed for mobile devices running either Apple iOS or Google Android™. The objective is to match the patterns that appear on screen by drawing them using the points provided.

Contact Us

If you have a project in mind and want to make it happen, please contact us! Estimates are FREE and there are no obligations of any kind. Whether for a business or for individuals, we are confident we can provide a great service for a very reasonable price.